Dr. Heinrich Schulte-Baukloh and Dr. Dirk Hoeppner

Our focus is your quality of life

medical assistants at the receptions of Urologie Turmstrasse

Welcome to Urology Turmstraße, a modern urological practice offering a wide range of diagnostical and therapeutical treatments for our patients. A friendly and specialised team will look after you to the highest standards.

Your quality of life is the main focus for Dr. Dirk Höppner and Dr. Heinrich Schulte-Baukloh. Both urologists have many years of experience, are highly specialised and are up to date with the latest scientific developments.

Our goal is to offer our patient the maximum in diagnostic and therapeutic security and quality. At the same time, we aim to restrict our examinations to those which are necessary and expedient.

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We combine decades of experience working in large urological wards, scientific expertise, a focus on the human touch, and a high level of social competence in our doctors and practice team.

We can offer a wide spectrum of treatments thanks to state of the art equipment. Our patients can relax in a modern yet agreeable environment, enhanced by a selection of works from various artists.

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Our practice is certified according to ISO 9001.