Dr. Heinrich Schulte-Baukloh and Dr. Dirk Hoeppner

Dr. Dirk Höppner

Decades of experience and always highly motivated

Dr. Dirk HöppnerBorn in Berlin in 1963, after graduating in 1989 in Munster with a licensure and doctorate, he worked as an assistant doctor with the german army in Hamburg and moved back to Berlin in 1996.

He has decades of urological experience, specialising in the treatment of cancer patients. Dr. Höppner has additional qualifications in specialist urological surgery and medicated tumor treatment.

In 2004, Dr. Höppner became head doctor in the urological ward of the military hospital of Berlin. He has performed over 10,000 surgical interventions and 1,000 tumor operations.

In 2007, he opened and ran one of Germany's first certified prostate cancer center, the Prostate Center in Berlin-Mitte. He is a recognised expert of the German Cancer Society and member of the Certifying Committee.

> Privatdozent Dr. Heinrich Schulte-Baukloh

Both urologists are experienced, highly specialised and up to date with modern practices.